“¿What´s in it for me?” – Creating the ultimate knowledge experience

“¿What´s in it for me?”

Name one Kmer that hasn´t heard the above question. Yes, it’s a cold look at the reality of what organizations face when it comes to developing KM.  We tend to crown it as a cultural issue but it´s not entirely true. I´ve come to learn that as Kmers we need to stand back for awhile and understand the business environment. It´s not just about getting the jargon right. We need to situate ourselves right in the middle of business, live and share moments with the rest of the people.  Learn and teach together. Define what really engages your organization.

My desk is situated right next to the engineers. I see them work, feel their burdens, understand their problems and that there is no shortage of emails, instructions, deliverables or personal issues that capture their attention daily. The rest of my team is also distributed accordingly to the main business units. I really enjoy when we meet and each one talks about the different problems and struggles of the diverse projects the company is handling. In other words, business interacts with them and vice versa.

The problem is that for a long time we have been trying herald a culture of KM from the sidelines or behind the curtains. Building KM is like a creating a brand. We need to give people something that matters to them and pay more attention than ever to worker experience, journeys, stories, relationships, etc. 

Engagement is vital and I´m sure that there´s plenty of motivation out there. If not, KM would have lost value many years ago. People want an audience. They want to be heard and be recognized for what they know.  

Organizations have to create the ultimate knowledge experience in order to engage individuals. This journey begins from the top hierarchies and senior sponsorship is vital. Recognize performance and give people a chance to express themselves without feeling that someone is watching over their shoulder.

However it´s important to remember that we need to invest more time in securing the right processes in order to fully unleash the value of KM.  We need to avoid social grapevines where knowledge gets trapped and doesn´t move up the decision making hierarchy. 

©Jose Carlos Tenorio Favero

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