Top posts 2013 and what to expect for 2014

Here are 2013’s top blog posts:

1. Revelations about the new competencies of knowledge workers

This post talks about the new competencies that knowledge workers must develop in order to become successful at managing their knowledge. Just as it is important for organizations to manage their knowledge assets, employees must also undertake a series of methods, tools and technology so that their knowledge can become a renewable source of action.

2. The 10 laws of knowledge

One of the first posts of the year. Explains some of the underlying principles behind knowledge management and structures them in the form of laws.

3. Gen Y: the new face of knowledge management

One of the first Knowledge management articles that refers to gen y as the core element surrounding the next generation of knowledge management: c generation

4. The Tao of knowledge management

This blog entry talks about the importance of providing training in knowledge sharing skills. Not everyone is an expert speaker or has the ability to rapidly transfer his thoughts in written or oral form. Some steps need to be taken in order to facilitate the process.

5. Applying Knowledge management: lessons from the field

Some describe this article as a practical desk guide for KM professionals. Take a look and see if there is anything your strategy has been missing out.

6. Building the next generation of knowledge management

Explains in further detail some of the key elements surrounding c-generation knowledge management

7. Lessons learned success factors and sample template

As the title suggests, this article sums up some key issues regarding lessons learned. A sample template is also provided so you can get started right away.

8. Knowledge management resource list

A very handy resource list if you’re looking to do some research on the topic or just keep up to date with new insights and news. It also provides a list of twitter influencers you may want to follow.

9. The social 2.0 componente in Knowledge management

Analyses the “2.0 influence” on knowledge management and how it is shaping the field.

10. Knowledge management strategy: GMI consultant engineers.

Looking for a practical case study on KM? Then look no further. Take a look at GMI’s (global MAKE 2013 nominee) KM Strategy. Don’t forget to check out the video as well.

What’s new for 2014

Kmers will agree that the field is in need of some spicing up. After many years of development, c-generation is already on the way and this will bring forward a whole new range of challenges, specially with Gen Y at center stage.

However, KM alone will not guarantee a long term competitive advantage. Other aspects need to be considered and when combined with KM, organizational performance will boost to a whole new level. I’m referring to innovation and productivity. The combination of these three elements will be a main priority for 2014.

Stay tuned for more updates and guests posts which I’m sure you will greatly enjoy.

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