5 things you should stop doing in order to avoid recruitment pitfalls

-Jose Carlos Tenorio Favero

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Given today´s highly competitive markets, recruiting the right talent is not always an easy task.

1. Recruit after- not before

Why wait for talent to become available? Start recruiting early. Look to establish ties with universities and academies. Provide undergraduates with learning opportunities before they leave college and start looking for a job elsewhere. There are many companies that run successful trainee programs where youngsters are taken in during their last year of studies.  This way, their learning path can be steered towards the business goals and mentors can be provided so that they are constantly being monitored.

Of course, this does not resolve on-demand expertise requirements which tend to come up at various times during the year. However, it does prepare you for the long run since young hires can be adapted early to the organization´s culture and values.

2. Recruit using traditional methods

Newspaper ads and other form of traditional job seeking methods is just one way to cut across the work market. Younger professionals, characterized as Gen-Y , belong to a connected society where social networks have become  catalysts for conversations and knowledge sharing. In this sense, companies should also look to communicate in these networks in order to garner attention.  The number of companies that have a facebook page or twitter account is growing fast.

However, it´s not just about communicating job positions.  People who normally visit a company´s page look for additional information such as training plans, benefits, social activities and so on.  Give them a reason as to why they should choose you.

3. Publish SEO unfriendly content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just intended for companies to showcase new products and services. If you want to appear in the first pages of google search, you need to know how to do it.

Unless additional budget is provided to advertise in various sites, you need to know some basic things about posting job ads online. The first thing is to understand how potential employees look for jobs in internet. You may post an ad for an expert in piping design, but people might just be searching for mechanical engineering. In this sense you need to run a keyword analysis in order to identify search trends and analyze them depending on the target region, age groups and regions.

With this information you can structure your job listings and requirements much better. There is also a greater chance to win over competitors in the search ranks.

4. Interviews focused on the technical side of the job

What about the organization´s values and culture? Is that person willing to share knowledge? Leadership and team involvement? Balance your questions well so that candidates can understand what is expected of them. Show them a performance management template which does not just consider the technical aspects but measures employees for their capacity to innovate, transmit knowledge and support productivity.

5. Concentrate on the knowledge required by the job

All job duties are tied to some knowledge requirements. However, when companies have taken the necessary steps to identify their critical knowledge, they are not just concerned about bringing people with job specific knowledge. If any person possesses critical knowledge which may be required by other business units then you need to identify it early on.  You never know when it just might save a life.  Develop a knowledge map and have your recruitment officers take it whenever they interview a candidate.

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