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9 responses to “Lessons Learned Fact Sheet

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  2. Thanks for sharing Nick. David Griffiths pointed out a few more roadblocks, so I recommend checking out his blog. The summary I made is based entirely on a study I recently conducted in my organization. Im planning a couple of more posts on lessons learned so be sure to stay tuned.

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  4. I have been involved in several Lessons Learned projects, collecting hundreds of lessons via scanning of documents and in-depth interviews. The lessons were written down in what I would call a fairly brief format, lacking pages of descriptive text, but naming the subject up front and recording the recommendations for the future. I am fairly sure nobody ever looked at them, not because the lessons were useless, but because the final act of putting the lessons in front of the parties who could use them was never completed. That I think is the crucial link, acquiring good lessons is the easy part but using them effectively is the problem and management don’t see it. It’s a detail that many other similar lessons learned projects have highlighted and I don’t see it going away. I am anxious to discover the secret because I am once again in a position where recording ‘lessons learned’ is being slowly developed.

  5. Hi Myles, you need to find business partners. I have been able to successfully deploy various lessons learned, but it is not a task which I can undertake on my own. We have appointed committees in each business unit which supervise overall lessons, determine business relevance and engineer the deployment scheme. We determine the required resources, time frame, responsibilities and analyze it from a ROI point of view. There are many things that have to be considered before deploying lesson learned. It´s also vital to engage top leaders, trace specific metrics and objectives; set realistic targets and communicate results.

  6. Thanks for an insightful post. I really understood your position. We were able to institute a successful lessons learned program in the US Air Force with two additional components: a governance structure and a formal issue resolution process. The governance structure guarantees we have some measure of senior executive visibility and support. The issue resolution process forces offices to reply as to how they are addressing a Lesson Identified. After all, lessons aren’t learned until they are resolved.

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